I wrote the following statement about my work in August 2015 for a show at Azart Gallery in NYC:
In 2006, I began working with the theme of figures in motion. Over time, my interest has evolved, shifting toward the interaction of moving figures with their environment.   Many of my paintings have a beach setting because it is an environment that is filled with motion. The wind blows the clouds across the sky. People play in the surf as the ocean surges in and out with the tides. The beach is a vast expanse and the air is often misty and atmospheric, giving a palpable sense that the space is not empty, but swirling with particles and reflections of light. In recent paintings I have pushed the same theme toward a more abstracted space, still derived from nature, with elements of earth, air, and water, but not specifically designated as beach. The figures have become proportionately smaller within the painted space.   The metaphorical intention within my work has evolved in this recent, more abstracted work, as well. The world in which my figures dwell is beyond their control and comprehension.   The figures walk into the unknown while making as much order of the chaos as they can. In a similar way, we humans live in a universe that is unfathomable.   We busy ourselves with the details of living within our own systems of order, sometimes aware of the mysteries of life, but often too wrapped up in our own constructions to see beyond.
Thanks for taking a look at my work!
Julia Katz
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